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Decor Idea: Chunky Knobs for Your Home Featured

17 Dec

Looking to enhance your home in 2016? We just discovered the incredible new Chunky Collection from Atlas Homewares. 

The new collection includes modern and sleek knobs that are all about making a strong visual impact with a hip geometric design that demands attention. But they don’t just look strong – they’re made that way too. 

The Chunky Knobs are aptly named with a substantive construction that feels sturdy in your hand. The wide base of the knob is nearly the same dimension as the handle, creating a solid design that is ultra-modern and very on-trend with the latest in industrial-chic design. The clean lines and simple silhouette of the knobs give the collection a versatile look that coordinates well with many different décors, making Chunky Knobs a smart choice for the kitchen, bathroom and more. 

The Chunky Collection comes in round and square configurations and three sizes, ranging from 1” to 1 13/16”. Finish options include brushed nickel, polished chrome and polished nickel and they retail from $5.95 - $12.95. 


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 Atlas Homewares has enhanced home décor with decorative hardware that is both inspiring and style driven. Drawing inspiration from everything from nature to global travel, the Atlas collection strikes a connection with those who have an eye for fashion. Atlas Homewares aspires to set the trend when it comes to decorative hardware. Each season brings a new collection ensuring a dynamic gallery from which to choose and longevity in an industry that demands a discerning eye.

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