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Last-Minute Decor Tips Featured

15 Dec

The holidays are crazy. In-between shopping and holiday parties, it can be daunting to think about decor. But you can still get it all together with some simple and easy additions to your home. 


To help us out we learned some tips from In Style Modern ( the online resource for trendy, mid century classic modern furniture that won’t break the bank. Learn more below!
  • Play Holiday Music—easy peasy! Just tune into a local Christmas only radio station or do the same on Pandora or Spotify and immediately your house will feel and sound a lot more festive.
  • Scented Candles—we all love cranberry treats and gingerbread lattes during the holiday season! A simple, quick way to add some holiday ambiance to your home is by lighting a few candles (or using plug ins) in seasonal scents including balsam, gingerbread, cinnamon, cranberry, and many more to create a relaxed, cozy vibe. 
  • Holiday Twinkle Light Fun—a fast, inexpensive way to deck the halls in your home!  Drape them across your mantle, string them up on a book shelf, place them in a large empty vase and use as a centerpiece, wrap them around your stairway railing, the possibilities are easy and endless.
  • Tree On a Wall—no time or space for a tree, no worries. All you need is a wall!  Wall tree decals are now available, but if you’d rather go with a DIY approach, an easy to implement design is to take three long diagonal ribbons to create the “tree”, cut out a paper star (also available online) for the tree top, decorate the ribbon with holiday cards or family photos from the last year. Or the kids can draw and cut out some “ornaments” to “hang” on the tree.
  • Treeless Ornaments—no tree, no problem! Take some of your favorite ornaments and hang them on chandeliers, wall sconces and tall plants throughout your home. It’s a fun way to add quick pops of holiday cheer and color throughout your home. 
  • Decorate with Holiday Cards—create a “garland” around a main interior door frame with arriving holiday cards. Guests will love looking for their own card!
  • Ribbon Décor—buy some expensive looking wide craft ribbon and wrap it around lampshades or tie pretty red ribbons around your toss pillows to give them a custom holiday feel. You can even tie a ribbon onto your front door to make it look like a wrapped present. 
  • Holiday Candy—nothing says holiday sweets like candy canes!  Use empty water glasses or jars and fill a few of them with candy canes or peppermints and place them throughout gathering places in your home, on counters and bookshelves.
  • The Christmas Vase—fill a clear vase or glass serving bowl from your kitchen with holiday inspiration, such as colorful ball ornaments, pine cones, or greenery. You can wrap a pretty satin ribbon around the vase to create more color.
  • Doorknob Stockings—place a festive holiday stocking, the inexpensive red and white kind will be just fine, to visible doorknobs throughout your home to create a merry and welcoming vibe.
  • The Festive Mantle—mantels are a natural focal point so if you don’t have time to do much decorating elsewhere, focus your efforts there. Place a few pine cones, a bit of artificial greenery and some twinkle lights across your mantle and you are all set.  Even a row of real or battery lit candles across your mantle will have a dramatic effect that’s chic and effortless.
  • The Poinsettia—don’t underestimate the holiday effect of a poinsettia. Purchase 3 or 4 and place them on the entry way table, on the dining room table, next to the fireplace and other focal points in your home.

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