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10 Feb

Hobbies are fun activities that you can enjoy at your leisure. They generally have nothing to do with work or money, and really allows you to connect to your personal interests. But there is always the issues of finding time and discovering what you really love. Here are some tips on how you can start a new hobby this year.

1. Write down what you love: It may sound simple, but recording what you love can help you connect to what hobby you should try. The list can include your favorite things from your childhood to things you are interested in that you don't have the courage to check out.

2. Make a choice: From your list, pick two things that really 'speak' to you. If it is dancing and writing, think about ways how you can incorporate them in your life. This includes taking a class, practicing writing at home, and having a day party whenever you can.

3. Start small: Now that you know what you want to do, you may still need time to include your hobby in your life. Even just 10 minutes a day is more than what you were doing before.

4. Meeting new people: While your hobby may include more time to doing what you love, it is always wonderful to meet other people that share your passion. Consider going a networking group or taking classes to connect with likeminded individuals.

09 Feb

Happy Chinese New Year! As the 9th of the 12 recurring animals, this year marks the start of the Lunar New Year and the year of the monkey. Here are some more interesting facts about the monkey and the meaning behind it.

07 Feb

A new job, announcement of a baby, promotion, engagement, or graduation is an exciting time in a person's life. To show how proud you are of your friend or family member, we suggest that you give them something nice to celebrate this moment in their life. This doesn't have to be something big and grandiose, but a small token can show how much you care. Here are a few of our favorite things to give to congratulate that special person in your life.

06 Feb

 Widely recognized as a Northeast hub for culture and music, the Berkshires are enticing travelers to find artistic inspiration this winter during Art Appreciation Season. Three renowned properties under the Main Street Hospitality Group umbrella, Porches at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Hotel on North in Pittsfield and the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, have banded together to offer visitors value-added stays and access to the region’s leading museums. 

05 Feb

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a snow day, you must be equally excited and equally bored at how to spend your time. From the checking out shows to reading to simply relaxing, here are some fun ways in how you can spend your day inside.

1. Read: Reading is a great way for you to enjoy your snow day. This is a great time where you can read more than one chapter your free schedule. Also, consider reading a book of poems, a play or even the newspaper that can seem like a challenge during your busy week.

2. Cook: A snow day is a great way to cozy up to a warm meal. Consider making a chili, stew, soup, or a comfort dish that you have been meaning to try.

3. Veg Out: A snow day is also a great day to relax. We love snow days as a way to chill and catch up on some of our favorite shows. 

4. Clean Up: Maybe not the funniest idea, but a snow day is a great way to do all of these that you neglect during the week. This includes scrubbing the windows, washing your clothes and vacuuming.

5. Enjoy a Hobby: Use the time to dedicate to your hobby. This is the best time to connect with what you love and spend time on projects  that don't relate to work.

6. Play in the Snow: Just because you are an adult doesn't mean kids should have all of the fun. Consider running around in the snow, and even making a snowman. And hey, the hot chocolate after you play will be pretty rewarding.

04 Feb

Congratulations on your huge decision to write a novel. This is obviously no small feat, and will require a lot of time and diligience as you craft your story. It will also require you to be incredibly consistent as you adhere to your own personal deadlines. Here are some tips to ensure that you stay on track and focus on developing your story.

1. Pick a time to write: Writing is all about consistency. Find a time where you can write at the same time every single day. Of course things come up, so always pick a time where you know that you will be able to devote to writing. Some writers prefer morning sessions and others like to write in the evening, know yourself and the benefits of each and you plan your time.

2. Pick a set amount of hours to work: Now that you know what time you will be writing, you will also have block out a set amount of time. Consider starting with 20 minutes per and building up to one hour.

3. Turn off distractions: Our cell phones are an incredible way to stay connected; however they can also be awfully distracting when you are trying to write. Turn off all phones during your writing time and do not look at any other browsers, except your writing pad or word doc.

4. Just write: As simple as it sounds, the beginning stages of writing are really just about putting your thoughts to paper. This doesn't have to perfect, or even the exact form that it will end up. The idea of starting is to get your writing juices flowing, which eventually led to more concrete and focused ideas.

5. Find inspiration: Other writers are inspiring and can help you to focus. When you aren't writing, consider attending author readings and join a book club to become immersed in the world of literature and words.

6. Read: Another important aspect of writing to stay sharp. Reading is a great way to soak in characters, learn about other people's style and structure and flex your brain as you think creatively.

7. Edit: During your writing process, find time to go back, check your work and edit your thoughts. You will be amazed what new insight gets created.

8. Show your work: As scary as it may seem, you will have to have your words read. Share them with friends and colleagues that you trust and be prepared to receive some honest and insightful feedback.

02 Feb

Valentine's Day is a special day to profess your love to that special person in your life. Sure, gifts are amazing but we are also huge advocates for experiences. One idea is to go away with your sweetie. Featuring the best ideas in the Berkshires, check out these amazing ways to leap into love in the Berkshires.


29 Jan

As hard as it may seem, it is crucial to unplug and take a step back from your gadgets. In the ever digital world in which we live, many people become obsessed with their phones and even sleep with them. Of course they are necessary for your day-to-day life, but we also think that it is crucial to unplug, especially on the weekends. Here are some tips to help you kick-off a tech-free weekend.

28 Jan

Valentine's Day can be a high-pressure day for couples. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing. It can be a great way to connect way with your partner without spending tons of money. Here are some of our favorite things to do this Valentine's Day or any time you have a date night.

28 Jan

We are excited to share some exciting travel news with the opening of Miffy Museum, a museum dedicated to the iconic preschool character, Miffy and her friends will open in the city of Utrecht, birthplace of her Dutch creator, Dick Bruna. The Miffy Museum, a first of its kind in the Netherlands, allows young children to discover and explore the world around them while they play in a safe environment. 

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