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Beautiful Baskets that Decorate Your Home and Give Back Featured

18 Dec

Decorating your home is such a personal connection to who you are as a person. We recently discovered a new way to enhance our home with bowls that do more than decorate. They give back. 


Sold at Macy's with the Rwanda Path to Peace program, the longest-lasting program of its kind has been impacting thousands of women throughout Rwanda, their families and communities. With their earnings, women can now send their children to school. They can buy everything from soap to land, malaria nets to health insurance. The income they earn from their handiwork has helped rebuild their communities. Also, the Rwanda Path to Peace is one of the first “trade not aid” programs, meaning that it is not a charity, but a business initiative where all sides are incentivized to keep it going.

·   The partnership between Macy’s and the artisans has helped the women move from deprivation and uncertainty to a life where they can plan their futures, and build stable, healthy lives by creating the traditional art that was handed down by their mothers and grandmothers. The weavers say that they have experienced the worst possible pain, through war, and want to send their message of peace, through their baskets to the world. 

Macy’s has carried the Rwandan Path to Peace baskets in store and at for 10 years. This includes a collection of baskets that feature bright colors and amazing designs that are made from handcrafted materials. Not only do they make a gorgeous statement piece, they also support a wonderful cause.

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