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05 Feb

Saving money can either be easy or very hard for people to do. Some have a knack for cutting their spending, while others live in debt. Saving, though is an art that requires time, persistency, and consistency to master. Here are some of our tips to help you save.

1. Chart your expenses: Make an document that lists your monthly earnings and include all of your expenses such as rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, childcare, food, gas and more. Estimate how much you spend every month and calculate it into a document so you can see how much money you have at the end of the month.

2. Assess your money: Sure, you may want to spend and enjoy your money but if you are looking to save, you will have to put some away every month. The general rule of thumb is around 10% of your earrings.

3. Mindful spending: When you are saving money, you will also have to think mindfully by assessing if you really certain items, like those cool and fab, and have-to-have shoes. You will have to adjust the way you spend your money by weighing the future vs. the present.

4. Make a budget: When you are saving money, make a budget and stick with it. Adjust it every month if new money comes in, or if you have new expenses.

5. Set goals: While you are saving it might be hard to see the big picture. Just as you have to budget, you have to set goals for your money such you are trying to buy a house or save for college.


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28 Jan

Is getting a dream job on your must-do list in 2016? You may be qualified and have the skills but sometimes an old resume or an outdated cover letter can hinder your changes of scoring that dream job. From checking your old files, resumes, and networking, here are some tips to help you score that dream job this year.

11 Sep

In the coming weeks, no fewer than 10 new smartphones, including the iPhone 5, (launching tomorrow) will hit the market, producing a crazy maelstrom of merchandising and purchasing quandaries for consumers. While phone choice is purely individual, smart steps for families buying new phones and discarding old devices are universal. Here they are:

31 Aug

Whether you are in college or jr. high school, most likely you will need a desktop or laptop for school. To spark some ideas for some new PCs, Toshiba recently announced several new touchscreen PCs designed for Windows 8, including a pioneering Ultrabook Convertible device, an All-in-One Desktop PC and a premium entertainment laptop.

28 Aug

For students and parents alike, getting organized for the big move to college can be overwhelming. Packing checklists are typically a mile long, from bedding and study items to toiletries and bathroom supplies. What is often overlooked, though, are safety essentials for life on campus. Parents should consider the below three items when sending their teens off to college, especially those who will be living hundreds of miles from home.

15 Aug

For the sixth year in a row, SIERRA magazine is releasing its annual ranking of the nation’s “Coolest Schools,” a salute to U.S. colleges that are helping solve climate problems and making significant efforts to operate sustainably.

08 Aug

With millions of women struggling to find their post-full-time motherhood identity, many will find themselves asking, ‘Who am I now, and what can I do next?’  

01 Aug

Working Mother Media has joined forces with FlexJobs, an award-winning job service that helps people find jobs with flexible work options, to provide professional job listings for their audience. The partnership will allow users access to a Working Mother-branded site featuring FlexJobs listings as soon as they join the site.

02 Jul (, the largest online coupon site in the United States, released today the Summer Travel Edition of its Shoppers Trend Report. The survey, conducted jointly with Ipsos Public Affairs (, found that 74% of respondents plan to take a vacation this year. Although 32% of Americans surveyed plan to spend $1,000 or more per family member in costs, 68% of respondents do not pay or set aside funds for vacations in full before departure.

15 Jun (, the largest online coupon site in the United States, today announced that it is releasing its first native app for iPhone users interested in saving money when using their mobile phone to shop online or while they are shopping within a brick-and-mortar retail store. iPhone owners can download the app for free by visiting the App Store.

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