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The Chic di Potter Event Table Collection Featured

09 Oct
Entertaining for guests involves a lot of time, preparation and of course the right decoration and lighting to set the mood. The new collection of wine and champagne shades from di Potter will add just the right touch to any special occasion.
This new collection is simply called The Event Table. This collection offers customizable wine and champagne shades for any event. The entertainer can write their own menu on the custom menu shades or have their initials monogrammed onto the monogram glass wine shades. Whether you are planning a wedding reception, corporate party or any occasion in between, these glass shades will add just the right touch of elegance and sophistication.
The di Potter Event Table Collection is in every sense of the word chic. The customizable wine and champagne shades are stunning to decorate with, but at the same time they offer a cohesive theme for your whole event. Coordinate the décor for your party by pairing the shades with matching chargers or candle bands from di Potter to complete the look.
Each set of wine and champagne shades come with six ready-to-assemble translucent shades. Once they are assembled, they can be easily slipped over a wine glass or champagne glass.  Pop in a flameless battery-operated tea light and you will have your own custom table lighting, easy as that!
Diahann Potter, founder of di Potter launched her brand in 2009 and released her first collection of shades in 2011. Her inspiration for classic elegance stems from her background in interior design, her experiences living in Switzerland and traveling abroad. All products from di Potter are made in the USA.

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