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Design News: Galassia Introduces the Ergo Structure Featured

02 Dec

We just discovered the most gorgeous new decor piece from Galassia with their new Ergo Collection. Renowned for their incredible bathroom products and designs since 1980, this new stylish piece is one with nature that is fused with the finest Italian materials and natural elements. The Ergo Collection from Galassia has an unmistakable warmth and flow that makes a sustainable lifestyle accessible and attainable. Ergo’s aesthetic shows how modern life can be linked to nature.


Designed by Antonio Pascale, Ergo offers a full line of bath essentials including sinks, toilets, furniture, mirrors, and coordinating accessories - all with a natural balance to their design. The structure is made of solid Iroko - sometimes referred to as African Teak - set with the pure, white Ergo 7102 washbasin. Crafted from Galassia’s natural raw materials, using traditional craftsmanship the wash basin is a rimless ceramic top with an integrated sink.

As a redefined rustic piece, the Ergo 7102 is durable, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. The Ergo 7102 washbasin retails for $650 and the under-basin Ergo Structure retails for $2,880.


For more information on the Ergo Collection or any of their other luxury bath products please visit or call


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