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28 Aug

For students and parents alike, getting organized for the big move to college can be overwhelming. Packing checklists are typically a mile long, from bedding and study items to toiletries and bathroom supplies. What is often overlooked, though, are safety essentials for life on campus. Parents should consider the below three items when sending their teens off to college, especially those who will be living hundreds of miles from home.


1) Air-Medical Transport Membership Program: College is a place to explore newfound freedoms, and though students may think they are super human, medical emergencies do happen. If a student gets into an accident or falls critically ill, a protection program such as MedjetAssist, the premier global air-medical transport membership program, is a smart proactive investment. Provided the member is more than 150 miles from home and admitted to a hospital, MedjetAssist will review his/her condition and arrange a medical transport to the hospital of their choice for no additional cost above the annual fee. “MedjetU” collegiate programs* are just $185 per year. As a bonus, those who enroll before September 30 will also receive a free first aid kit. For more information:

2) First Aid Kit: While students can go to an on-campus health center with most medical issues, a comprehensive first aid kit should be found in every dorm room in case superficial or late-night injuries require immediate attention. Items such as bandages, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and antihistamine caplets should be included. 

3) Property Insurance: Whether they reside in the dorms or live in an off-campus apartment, many students bring their most valuable possessions tocollege. Thousands of dollars’ worth of smart phones, laptops, tablets and other items might be at risk of damage or even theft. On-campus property insurance or renters insurance protects students against loss of personal property. Since every college has different policies regarding on- campus insurance, parents and students should obtain detailed information on plans before the semester starts.

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