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5 Job Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job Featured

28 Jan

Is getting a dream job on your must-do list in 2016? You may be qualified and have the skills but sometimes an old resume or an outdated cover letter can hinder your changes of scoring that dream job. From checking your old files, resumes, and networking, here are some tips to help you score that dream job this year.


1. Revise your resume: Before you send out your resume (aka a blueprint for everything you have ever done) make sure that you re-read it. You should be looking for grammar and spelling errors, but also the phrasing of words. Does your word choices demonstrate your skills? Make sure that you use active words and to limit your resume to one page.

2. Network: A lot of job searching and interacting with people is actually done through networking. Connect with people in your industry at events, seminars, and online and don't be afraid to introduce yourself with your elevator pitch. This is a 1-2 minute pitch about who are you and what you can bring to the table.

3. Hunt: In addition to networking, you will have to go the traditional route and look for jobs. The best way to do so is through job networking sites like LinkedIn. Be diligent and consistent during this phase.

4. Set yourself apart: Think of clever ways to set yourself apart from your competition. This includes creating a website or blog that highlights your abilities. 

5. Update and personalize your cover letter: In addition to having an amazing cover letter, you will also need to highlight your attributes in a cover letter. Make sure that you personalize it for every application. 

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