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Tools to Make Your Mornings Easier Featured

08 Aug

Back-to-School season is right around the corner, and Moms (and Dads!) across the country will soon be faced again with hectic mornings getting the kids awake, clothed, fed and out the door on time. While this time of year no doubt calls for a strong cup of coffee, KRUPS, leading suppliers of coffee machines and kitchen appliances, also provides a number of tools for making mornings easier. 

From whipping up breakfast on-the-go to ensuring the coffee starts brewing when the alarm starts beeping, check the selection of products from KRUPS to make your mornings even easier.


KRUPS Egg Cooker – Prepare poached, hard or soft boiled eggs and omelets in minutes with the KRUPS Egg Cooker. This machine boils up to seven eggs at once, and comes with everything you need for the perfect breakfast on the go.

Cup on Request – In the midst of a hectic morning, the KRUPS Cup-On-Request makes the most of each minute. The innovative unit acts as a coffee dispensing machine, featuring a hidden tank carafe and a precise pouring system that help keep coffee hotter longer. This internal system provides consistent cups for up to 4 hours after initial brewing, so no matter how long it takes to get the kids on the road, you’ll have a fresh cup waiting to help you re-focus and start your day.


KRUPS XP 6040 Coffee and Espresso Combination Machine – In the midst of a hectic morning, KRUPS Combination machine quickly and easily whips up your choice of Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte. With 3 functions: Espresso, Hot Water and Frother, the sky is the limit for Mom and Dad’s morning coffee choices.


KRUPS Silver Art Citrus Press – Want to give your kids fresh, natural juice free of artificial ingredients but think it’s too much of a process and hassle on a busy Back-to-School morning? Not anymore! Not only gorgeous in style and design, the KRUPS Silver Art Citrus Press prepares 1.2 quarts of various citrus fruits thanks to the universal cone that is perfect for every type of juice - from lemons to grapefruits. The Citrus Press features a dual cone rotation that operates clockwise or counter clock wise in direction to squeeze the optimal amount of juice, and automatically when pressure is released.


KRUPS Universal Grill & Panini Maker – Pressed for time? KRUPS Panini Press will take care of breakfast for even the pickiest eaters. Simply spread peanut butter or Nutella over bread, add banana slices and press for a crispy, handheld treat.  Features non-stick cooking plates for easy removal and quick clean-up, and also includes a recipe book packed full of additional ideas.


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