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Tips for a Healthy Weekend Featured

06 Feb

We work hard and play hard. For some people, the only time to 'play' is on the weekend where they overindulge in drinking and fatty foods. We think the weekend is actually a great time to recharge, get more sleep and have fun with friends or by enjoying some of your favorite hobbies. Here are some of our favorite ways to have a healthy weekend.

1. Sleep in, but not that much: We are all used to an alarm clock jolting us out of bed during the week. While we don't you think you have to wake up at 6am (or earlier), you should stick to the time you usually wake up. Your body is used this pattern and it will be way harder to wake up on Monday if you are staying up late over the weekend.

2. Get a workout in: It can be challenging to work out during the week. Use the weekend as a time to meet fitness goals where you get a run in, go to yoga, or take a new fitness class.

3. Go to brunch, but keep it healthy: We love brunch but those meals are often pretty hearty and caloric. Stick with salad, eggs, avocado toast, fruit, and whole grain toast and enjoy your leisurely meal with friends.

4. Go outside: This is especially important if you work in an office all day. Take a walk, go to the park and explore your town. 

5. Relaxation: Make sure you fit in time for relaxation where you enjoy time alone. This can be a great way to 'check in' with yourself by practicing yoga, reading, or simply taking a rest.

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