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11 Dec

Before you know it the holidays are going to be over and we are going to be ringing in the new year. Along with that comes New Years Resolutions - many of which involve a new fitness routine like to run more. To find motivation to stay focused, especially during, a treadmill workout, we discovered the cool Treadmill Trails’ videos.

10 Dec

The holiday season has officially begun and with it brings a time of happiness and joy, travel, family time, decorating and shopping. Unfortunately, it also brings with it a time of holiday scams. Thieves find the holiday season a key time to scam people who are busy and distracted, shopping more than usual, receiving multiple deliveries to their homes and are traveling to see friends and family. Thieves also prey upon people who are feeling more giving and susceptible during this time of year. Don’t leave yourself open to a typical scam going on this holiday season. 

10 Dec
Tis’ the season for fashionable fetes, holiday cheer, and the joyous sounds of popping corks toasting the promise of a New Year. A growing bump adds to the magic of the season, but can also mean lackluster libations at holiday soirees. Bump Water is proud to introduce three new festive holiday mocktails that will have mothers- to-be raising a glass and celebrating the uniquely refreshing and healthy seasonal offerings.
09 Dec

With the holidays comes tons of parties and entertaining. If you are throwing your own party, you want to make sure that you have a variety of snacks and drinks to offer your guests. This might also mean dinner- depending on the time of your party. From the bestir appetizers to drink ideas, here are some of our favorites that we think would make a great addition to your next party.

09 Dec

Flossing is probably the easiest thing you can do for your oral health, but for some reason it is also one of the hardest. Why is that? It doesn't cost that much (usually around 5 bucks or less). It is easy and not painful. And if you are brushing your teeth at night, it really shouldn't be an issue. But, alas, it is. To get us motivated to floss more (as in everyday), we set up some easy and doable guidelines to make cleaning your teeth a part of life.

08 Dec

The holiday season is full of festive gatherings and parties of friends and families, and if you have ever hosted one yourself you know just how much work they can be. Say thanks to your hostess by surprising him or her with delicious gifts.

10 Oct
Fit-minded Americans are constantly on the lookout for the next “super food” that will provide an abundance of nutrients and health benefits. In years past we’ve seen the rise of Acai berries, Greek yogurt, salmon and even sweet potatoes. 2012 is the year of Ancient Grains! RiceSelect is now offering two exciting RiceSelect Royal Blends with the addition of several ancient grains including Royal Blend with Quinoa and Royal Blend with Flax Seed. Also joining the RiceSelect family is Brown Jasmati Rice and Calrose Rice giving consumers an abundance of healthy options from which to choose.
03 Oct

Halloween is coming up, which means carving pumpkins, funky and fun costumes and of course, (over)indulging your sweet tooth! This year, your readers can enjoy Halloween with fun cocktails that scare out unnecessary sugar and calories.

02 Oct

UNREAL™ Brands announces a manifesto video ( campaign as part of their mission to Unjunk™ the World. 

01 Oct
Discovering the unpleasant odor in a favorite pair of tennis shoes can be extremely frustrating and sometimes become the cause for tossing out a perfectly good pair. Fortunately Moso Natural’s newest addition to its product line is ideal for situations just like this. The Mini Moso packs the power of its 100% natural bamboo charcoal into a new, smaller 50g bag, making it more convenient for eliminating odor on-the-go and in small, tight areas.

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