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Money-Saving Armpit Stain Solution Featured

12 Jun
It happens to everybody- at some point, people throw away a favorite shirt just because of a yellow stain in the underarm from antiperspirants and sweat. Fortunately Deo-Go has introduced a way to restore that shirt or blouse’s original appearance.
Deo-Go’s patent-pending formula works to remove yellow underarm stains without harming the fabric, leaving a shirt that is as good as new. Anybody that doesn’t want to throw away their favorite shirt because of an embarrassing “pit” stain can learn more about Deo-Go at
Easy to use, Deo-Go’s three step process includes spraying the expertly formulated liquid-gel onto the stain, letting it sit for 30 minutes to attack and dissolve stains and residue build-up and then washing it like normal. Available in a 250mL bottle, 10-15 shirts can be treated with one bottle of Deo-Go. It has never been so easy to restore a shirt to its original condition.
Tested on a variety of fabrics including colored fabric, Deo-Go’s active ingredients work to completely remove sweat stains and deodorant residue leaving a garment that looks as good as when it was originally bought. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Deo-Go (MSRP $10.50) is sure to bring new life to any stained shirt, undershirt or blouse. Thanks to Deo-Go a favorite shirt never has to be thrown away again.

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