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Healthy Ideas to Start Your Week

22 Feb

Starting the week off on a healthy note is the best way to tackle a busy, and often stressful work week. While eating healthy is key, there are many factors that can tap into feeling great or not. Check out some of our tips to make sure that you have the best possible week all the time.

1. Eat well: As we mentioned, eating well is crucial to feeling great. Start with a balanced breakfast that includes wholesome foods. Sorry, coffee alone is not going to cut it. Think of proteins such as eggs and whole yogurt topped with fruit and low-sugar granola. The key is less sugar so that you avoid a crash mid afternoon.

2. Get sufficient rest: The key to feeling great is to get sufficient rest. This means going to bed the same time every day and waking up the same time. This can be especially hard on the weekend but establishing your personal body clock will keep you on track to feeling great.

3. Put the screens down: As hard as it may be, putting your phone down is critical to your health. This means taking breaks from looking at your social channels, and even your computer screen at work.

4. Mediate: We all say that we don't have time, but sometimes only 5 minutes of inner rest can help you to channel your mind. Start by sitting criss-crossed and close your eyes as you channel out the world.

5. Exercise: Daily exercise is a great way to start your day as you focus on tuning into your mind and body.

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