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Best Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee Featured

01 Feb

Most people wake up with a 'Cup of Joe' by their side. This java wakes us all up quickly and powers us through the morning. But then it happens: the crash, the jitters, until you have your next cup. Coffee can be wonderful but it is also insanely addictive. For a healthy and more satisfying way to wake up, we think you should try to start it without crazy. We know that it might sound crazy, but here are some more ways that you can wake up refreshed.


1. Start your day with water: When you wake up, splash your face with cold water. This will wake you up as it releases stress.

2. Have a warm glass of water with lemon: Kick-start the system by drinking a warm glass of water. Not only is this revitalizing, it also cleans out the system and starts you off on the right food.

3. Do some yoga: You may think that you don't have that much time to exercise, but all you need is 10-15 minutes of yoga to feel amazing. Simply so a simple sun salutation and end in mediation for an amazing start to your morning. 

4. Get some sun: Start your morning by getting some Vitamin D via the sun. Getting air and breathing deeply is a great way to start the day.

5. Move: If yoga isn't your thing, why not have a morning dance party? Put on your favorite song and feel the good vibes as your day starts. 

6. Consider tea: If you aren't ready to give up the morning ritual of a warm drink, consider having a cup of decaf tea. Many herbal teas have amazing health benefits as it keeps you calm and leveled in your morning. 

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