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Best Desserts for Every Occasion Featured

11 Feb

Special occasions are a wonderful way to celebrate the good things in life, while also enjoying the company of your family and friends. They also usually involve a lot of food that typically involves dessert! From healthy to not-so great treats, here are a few of our favorites.


1. Cheesecake: This tart-like treat is a rich and delicious addition to any party. Some favorites are classic, cherry cheesecake and pumpkin.

2. Brownies: A favorite dessert for people of all ages is brownies. This can be prepared in a variety of different ways that your guests will love.

3. Ice Cream Station: Create mini ice cream sundae bar where guests can scoop up their favorite flavors and top it with delicious toppings like fudge, sprinkles, cherries, and nuts.

4. Pie: Pie is always a good idea to have at a party. Think of seasonal fruit options with berry pies in the summer, apple in the fall, and pumpkin in the winter.

5. Candy Station: Create a candy bar at your next party where you display a variety of treats. Guests can have bags where they can mix and match some of their favorites.

6. Fruit Salad: For a healthier idea, offer a fruit salad. This can be a combination of melons, grapes, apples, and bananas that makes for a naturally sweet treat your guests can feel good about.

7. Cookies: A cookie station is a fun way to showcase a variety of treats where guests can pick from their favorite chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and more.

8. Chocolate Cake: Everyone loves chocolate, so be sure to have a rich chocolate cake at your party. This can be a variety of cakes including a flour less chocolate cake, blackout cake, and more.

What is your favorite dessert to have a special occasion?

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