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15 Easy Ways to Go Green Featured

25 Jan

Going green is a great way to do your part to help the environment. However, it might seem daunting to figure out exactly what to do and how to start. Featuring a collection of big and small ideas, we hope you find just one thing on this list to change the way you live.


1. Use a re-useable water and coffee bottle: Trade in plastic for a bottle that is eco-friendly and easy-to-clean. This is also important for your morning coffee as well.

2. Turn off the lights: When you aren't using them, turn off your lights.

3. Unplug: We all know of the importance of unplugging and doing so can also have an impact on the environment. 

4. Make your own cleaner: Many cleaners are packed with harmful chemicals. Save money and the earth by making your own solution with lemon juice, water, and vinegar.

5. Use reusable bags: When you shop, bring your own bags. This is a great way to reduce waste

6. Car pool: Go to work with a group or use public transportation to save gas.

7. Pay your bills online: We all have to pay those bills, but you can do so in a green way by paying for them online. This reduces paper that eventually just ends up being thrown out.

8. Upcycle: A fun way to go green is to turn something old into something new. We love the idea of using old newspaper as a gift wrap or as a cover for a school book.

9. Take a short shower: Do your part to conserve water by taking a quick shower. Even just two minutes less has the power to save gallons of water.

10. Buy local: Reduce the carbon footprint of where your food traveled from by buying from local suppliers and farms.

11. Recycle: An easy thing that we can all do is to recycle. Be sure to separate your glass, cans, and paper from the rest of your trash every week.

12. Go Vegetarian: It might be hard to go completely veg where we suggest trying it once a week. This is a huge way to do your part since around 2,500 pounds of water is required to produce just one pound of beef.

13. Think Second-hand: Consider buying things second-hand to reduce waste.

14. Donate: The spring time is a great way to get rid of your old junk. Instead of tossing it in a landfill, try to donate it to a local charity or even your neighbor.

15. Use rechargeable batteries: Buy a charger to save battery waste. Also, support brands that recycle them and do their part to reduce waste.

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