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Juno Lucina Jewelry Featured

20 Jun

Everyone knows the tradition of man offering a ring for marriage, but what about the traditional push present for mothers that dates back to ancient history? In ancient times it was a valued custom for men to give a gift in commemoration of Juno Lucina, who protected both mother and newborn child, to the pregnant woman in their life.

To carry on this special tradition, Juno Lucina (, has created the perfect presentation for this luxury product, produced by renowned Merit Diamond. All of the beautiful pieces symbolize the hands of goddess Juno Lucina, cradling and protecting the head of both mother and child. These designs are more than just a token of appreciation, they are a symbol of safeguarding those you love most in the journey ahead.

Juno Lucina Features:

  • Created by a luxury manufacturer 
  • Boast a luxurious 14 karat gold and diamonds 
  • Only jewelry symbolizing the true meaning for this occasion 
  • The concept and symbolic meaning has existed for over 1000 years.

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