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Dr. Lisa Masterson Introduces New Footwear Featured

20 Jun

When was the last time you made your whole body happy? Between lifting groceries, chasing after the wayward dog, or fitting in that morning run, — who has time to go hunting for a shoe that would make those daily activities seem more bearable? Whether for work or for play, women are on their feet all day, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can send shockwaves of pain throughout your body. That’s why medical doctor, Dr. Lisa Masterson, of the Emmy® Award- winning series,The Doctors, created the Dr. Lisa Therafit Shoe, the newest entry into the expanding trend of comfort shoe technology.


“I wanted to develop a shoe that would empower women. No matter where they are -- at work, at the gym, or just running the countless errands that we do. We need a shoe that multitasks with us, and my shoe does. It taps into the latest technology, with performance that can be customized, and styles that work around the clock. It’s the 12-hour shoe for the 12-hour day!”

Designed specifically for women and accredited by the National Posture Institute, a leader in posture and body alignment programs and solutions, the Dr. Lisa’s Therafit Shoe technology helps all women take that first step into a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Masterson knows that comfortable footwear can help relieve pain in the feet, legs, hips and back. “Women are constantly moving. We’re always on the go and we want comfortable shoes that move with us, but we want them stylish enough so we can wear them wherever we’re going.”

Therafit shoes use multiple layers and densities for cushioning and support, so that the shock of each step is distributed downward and outward.  The result is a shoe that cushions your foot on impact----no need to worry about rough landings resulting in miserable body aches the next morning. 

Built into each pair of Therafit is their patented cutting-edge technology; the outsole can be adjusted to allow an increase or decrease in impact resistance. The Therafit Personal Comfort System (PCS) Technology also utilizes three specially designed dual-density Adapters located within the shock-absorbing wedge that can be removed to change the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. Tired, aching feet? Remove one, two or all three of the Personal Comfort Adapters to change the resistance. Ready for a different feeling on your feet the next day? Pop them back in and get going!

“I know what it is to be a working mom,” says Dr. Masterson. “Juggling it all and maintaining good health is a challenge. This shoe is a realistic solution for women to encourage exercise, and bring overall wellness into their lifestyle.” 

Dr. Lisa’s Therafit Shoes will be available online exclusively  at, in addition to higher -end department stores and specialty retailers.The initial product offerings include fashion forward athletic trainers in a variety of colors,followed by a soft launch of other styles in the coming months. Prices willstart at $95. 

At, women can shop, share information about health and wellness, and more importantly, connect to an international online community of like-minded women interested in the Life/Work Balance. wants to provide the total mind-body experience for women; that first step is the most important step. Dr. Lisa’s Therafit Shoes is the smart choice for women everywhere.


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