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Snowy Day Activities

05 Feb

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a snow day, you must be equally excited and equally bored at how to spend your time. From the checking out shows to reading to simply relaxing, here are some fun ways in how you can spend your day inside.

1. Read: Reading is a great way for you to enjoy your snow day. This is a great time where you can read more than one chapter your free schedule. Also, consider reading a book of poems, a play or even the newspaper that can seem like a challenge during your busy week.

2. Cook: A snow day is a great way to cozy up to a warm meal. Consider making a chili, stew, soup, or a comfort dish that you have been meaning to try.

3. Veg Out: A snow day is also a great day to relax. We love snow days as a way to chill and catch up on some of our favorite shows. 

4. Clean Up: Maybe not the funniest idea, but a snow day is a great way to do all of these that you neglect during the week. This includes scrubbing the windows, washing your clothes and vacuuming.

5. Enjoy a Hobby: Use the time to dedicate to your hobby. This is the best time to connect with what you love and spend time on projects  that don't relate to work.

6. Play in the Snow: Just because you are an adult doesn't mean kids should have all of the fun. Consider running around in the snow, and even making a snowman. And hey, the hot chocolate after you play will be pretty rewarding.

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