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How to Start a New Hobby

10 Feb

Hobbies are fun activities that you can enjoy at your leisure. They generally have nothing to do with work or money, and really allows you to connect to your personal interests. But there is always the issues of finding time and discovering what you really love. Here are some tips on how you can start a new hobby this year.

1. Write down what you love: It may sound simple, but recording what you love can help you connect to what hobby you should try. The list can include your favorite things from your childhood to things you are interested in that you don't have the courage to check out.

2. Make a choice: From your list, pick two things that really 'speak' to you. If it is dancing and writing, think about ways how you can incorporate them in your life. This includes taking a class, practicing writing at home, and having a day party whenever you can.

3. Start small: Now that you know what you want to do, you may still need time to include your hobby in your life. Even just 10 minutes a day is more than what you were doing before.

4. Meeting new people: While your hobby may include more time to doing what you love, it is always wonderful to meet other people that share your passion. Consider going a networking group or taking classes to connect with likeminded individuals.

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