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Get Ready for the Holidays with the Holiday-Themed Stamps Featured

01 Dec

We are now in the official countdown to the holidays and just discovered the cutest way to send your tidying's of merriment and cheer with the holiday-themed stamps from the U.S. Postal service.

Featuring  A Charlie Brown Christmas; Geometric Snowflakes; Gingerbread Houses; Hanukkah; Holiday Baubles; Holy Family; Kwanzaa; Madonna of the Candelabra by Raphael; Neon Celebrate!; Poinsettia; Virgin and Child by Jan Gossaert; and, Winter Fun, you are sure to discover some cute stamps for your cards this season.  


Some of our favorites include: 


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Oct. 2 marked the 65th anniversary of the “Peanuts” comic strip and December marks the 50th anniversary of the most popular holiday TV classic of all time, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”


The stamp images include: Charlie holding the sapling that eventually becomes his Christmas tree; Charlie and Pigpen with a snowman; Snoopy and children ice skating; the cast of the program gathered around the Christmas tree; Linus kneeling by the sparsely decorated Christmas tree; Charlie checking his mailbox for a Christmas card; Charlie and Linus leaning on a snowy brick wall; Charlie and Linus standing by the Christmas tree; a frustrated Charlie standing in front of Snoopy’s doghouse; and, Charlie decorating the tree in front of the prize-winning lights display on Snoopy’s doghouse.


Geometric Snowflakes

Each of the four Geometric Snowflakes stamps depicts a different snowflake. In nature, untold millions of ephemeral ice crystals form unique patterns that are as stunning in their complexity as they are fleeting. This infinite variety inspired the designers to experiment with different graphic shapes. Each snowflake is drawn in one of four colors: purple, pink, green, or blue. Applying light and dark shades of color enhanced the intricate geometry of each flake and added a feeling of playfulness to the stamp art. 


Gingerbread Houses

Four new, cheerful holiday stamps capture the delicious tradition and childlike nostalgia of making gingerbread houses. Stumbling across a magical cottage made of cake and candy, Hansel and Gretel knew just how special gingerbread houses could be — but no witches will jump out of these confectionery domiciles. Instead, the Gingerbread Houses stamps will add a touch of whimsy to your holiday mail.


Neon Celebrate!


Good times call for good wishes. Bringing an extra wish for happiness to anyone celebrating a special time, this stamp features a brilliantly colored design crafted out of neon and glass that adds a spark to greeting cards, invitations, and gift-bearing envelopes and packages.

Get your stamps at at this link or by calling 1-800-STAMP24 (1-800-782-6724).

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