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Fun Hobbies to Try

20 Jan

The new year is generally thought of as a time to make changes with your body and mind. It is also a great time to try something new. Hobbies are a great way to challenge yourself as you also try something new. From sports to crafting ideas, here are a few of our favorites that you may also want to try this year.


1. Music lessons: Music is generally taught in school that is generally only continued if you are professionally pursuing it. But music is an incredible way to calm the mind as it teaches you something new. Consider taking a class at your local community college or private lessons that we are sure will enhance your life this year.

2. Learn to knit: Knitting is another fun option where you can channel out the stresses in your life as you learn a new skill. It is also sort of mediative as you weave through patterns and channel a sense of calm.

3. Learn to cook: Not everyone can cook, and even if you can there is always room for improvement. Consider getting a new cookbook where you try one new recipe every week. Another idea is to take a class where you can learn a new skill or technique.

4. Collect things: Collecting items is not just for hoarders, it is a great way to learn about one specific thing and grow a collection. Consider something that you were interested in as a kid such as stamps, baseball cards, coins, etc where you can not only gather items, but also learn more about its history and uses.

5. Take more pictures: A fun hobby that you may already be interested in is photography. Hone in on this hobby by learning more about your camera, experimenting with pictures or buying a new lens.

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