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First Date Ideas

26 Jan

Sometimes it happens out of nowhere. You and your crush finally honed down a date but now you have to think of what you are going to actually do! From free ideas to dates are a little more extravagant, here are some fun ways you might want to check out for your first date.


1. Picnic: A great idea for a fall, spring or summer date is a picnic. Pack a basket filled with sandwiches, some wine, cheese, fruit and a treat for a great way to get to know your date. Don't forget the blanket!

2. Movies: A movie date is a great way to connect with your date over a pop culture outing. Be sure to plan for some food or coffee afterwards, though so that you can actually talk.

3. Coffee: A low-key meeting is to get coffee. This is a great way to connect during the day as well as an option that doesn't cost a lot of money.

4. Concert: Another fun cultural outing is to take your date to a concert. Be sure to ask him or her what sort of music that they like or this plan could backfire. 

5. Dinner: A typical first date is to go out to dinner. Going this route can take off the pressure of doing something too out of the box that your date might not be into.

6. Go to a museum: Enjoy a cultural outing with your date by taking them to your local museum. 

7. Comedy show: Break the ice and enjoy an evening laughing with your date by taking them to a local comedy show.

8. Take a class: Find out some of the interests of your date and organize a class that you both can take.

9. Get a drink together: Another way to get to know your date is to get some drinks together. Just be sure to know your limit, especially on your first meeting.

10. Go bowling: Enjoy an active date by going bowling. It will also be fun to play a game that you used to when you were a kid.

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