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Favorite "Me Time" Activities Featured

07 Jan

Women are run ragged. It doesn't matter if you are a mom or an CEO (or both!), we are often left to felt like we are running thin (and in many different directions). While our career, responsibilities, kids, etc are very important, it is also key to nurture and care about yourself. With the new year, we think this is a great day to channel some time for you. Even if you just have five minutes, you owe it to yourself to do something for YOU! Here are some of our favorite activities to help you to chill as you take care of yourself.


1. Journal: Writing can be an incredibly cathartic act for you to enjoy when you are alone. Consider keeping a journal to chart your thoughts, hopes, and dreams. You can also devote as much time or very little, which we also think is a great tool for you to use to "check-in" with your yourself and how you are feeling.

2. Read: There is nothing like a great book. We are so excited for the incredible books that are out there in 2016 that you can read on your commute to work or soak in a few words before you go to bed.

3. Visit a friend: We truly live in a digital age, and even though we may talk to our friends online or via email, there is really nothing better than face-to-face interaction. Also, as adults we often push aside friendships for career, kids, etc where setting a weekly or monthly hang-out might be just what your soul needs.

4. Go shopping: When was the last time you shopped when it wasn't for a special event or a birthday or those annoying errands? Probably not in a long time. One way to enjoy any down time is to shop for yourself. Think of it as a small present to you that we are sure you will appreciate. 

5. Watch TV: Maybe an obvious choice, but when was the last time you watched something that you wanted? Probably not in a long time. When you have downtime, use the 30 minutes, or even an hour, to watch whatever you want!

6. Get a mani: We love getting a fresh mani once a week. Not only is it great for some downtime, it also makes you feel good as you rock a fun new color while you maintain your nails.  

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