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Driving Tips for Teens Featured

04 Sep
The law says no one under the age of 18 can be issued a learner’s permit without parental permission. As a parent, feeling assured when your teen takes off in the driver's seat takes considerable time, commitment and planning.
Your teen may be the proper driving age, but turning 15 ½ should not mean automatically handing over the car keys. There are steps you should take prior to allowing them behind the wheel, which can make a significant and positive difference in their driving.
Marc Hemsworth, Senior Driving Coach for Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy in Los Angeles (8231 W. Third St.), shares tips on how parents can determine if their teens are ready to drive, instill confidence in their teens, and prepare themselves for the road ahead.
  • First and foremost, your teen should have the desire to drive and that is not always commensurate with their birthday. While most teens can't wait to get behind the wheel, having apprehensions isn’t entirely uncommon. For teens who are not comfortable, plan to follow a less aggressive time schedule and hold off until they express personal confidence and readiness.
  • Driving is a privilege, not a right. Learning to drive is a major commitment, and parents should assess if their teen is serious about their learning and willing to complete the necessary requirements, not just “check a box” or pass a test.
  • Engage in ongoing conversation with your teen leading up to their driver education. Parents should also evaluate driving school options and inquire about the techniques used to build confidence and decision-making skills to ensure teens become safe drivers.
  • Reassure your teen that they can and will be a skilled and successful driver. Fully embrace introducing teens to driver education with positivity, and support your teen with encouraging feedback to help build confidence in their abilities and skill development on the road.
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