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Cool New Museum Opening

28 Jan

We are excited to share some exciting travel news with the opening of Miffy Museum, a museum dedicated to the iconic preschool character, Miffy and her friends will open in the city of Utrecht, birthplace of her Dutch creator, Dick Bruna. The Miffy Museum, a first of its kind in the Netherlands, allows young children to discover and explore the world around them while they play in a safe environment. 


The Museum is divided into ten rooms, each dedicated to a different subject, forming a series of miniature worlds full of immersive activities. Young visitors will start their adventure at Miffy’s house and continue through the museum by crawling, exploring, sniffing, dancing and playing as they move from colorful room to room. 

In the zoo area, children will be able to play with all the animals. While at Miffy’s house, they will be able to bake a cake in the kitchen, mow the lawn in the back garden, or put Miffy to bed. Even the functional areas of the museum are designed to be part of Miffy’s world; the restrooms feel like the beach, the staircase lets you ‘fly through the clouds’, and the picnic area is set in a forest.

To keep the little ones engaged, the art room within the museum is open daily, with creative workshops every weekend. 

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