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21 Dec

We are always excited for the latest in tech news and just discovered a cool new app that parents are going to love. The village app works as a question and answer app that makes parenting simpler by connecting users with like-minded moms, dads and top-of-their-class parenting experts.

Whether you’re a family of five or expecting your first, Village connects users to parents in similar positions in life so the advice you get is always relevant and reliable. Through this system, the app cuts down on time spent searching online for parenting wisdom with its browse, search and bookmark features. You can also pop in with a question or something useful to share – it’s an entire group of relatable parents

Here's how it works: 

• Ask a question and tag people

• Notifications for answers

• Search hundreds of topics

• Browse the feed to give advice

• Interact with parenting experts

Village also has a team of parenting experts who regularly offer advice in their respective fields. So Villagers get the benefit of parent-to-parent tips and expert guidance to navigate any and all parenting challenges.

Check out more about the app:

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