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A Woman's Guide to Sort of Having it All Featured

27 Jan

There is a mixed mantra out there when it comes to what a women can and can't have. Some say that you have to give up a career for kids or that when you have kids you change your life and your career. Then, there is the other notion that you can't have the full package with the best job/boyfriend/ home environment, but rather one or two of those things. While it might be challenging and a lot of hard work, we think you can have a little bit of everything and even sort of/kind of have it all. Here are some of our tips so that you achieve the best life.


1. Know what you want: It might sound simple, but in order to know what you want you have to set goals. If you are seeking a new job or to move, set small goals that will challenge your everyday to make changes.

2. Make changes: When you set your goals, be sure to make changes in your life. This can be anything from eating better to not drinking anymore.

3. Get enough rest: You might not realize it, but not getting proper sleep can be the factor that slows you down in your day. In your quest to have it all, you will also have to take better care of yourself.

4. Read up: Take a crash course and read up on successful women that you admire. One our favorites is #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso.

5. Take classes: When you know what you want, consider taking classes in the industry that you are interested in. This includes courses online or at your local community college.

6. Have confidence: Channel your inner strength and be confident in what you are doing and what you want to do.

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