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Wedding Day Activities Featured

06 Feb

Congratulations on your exciting big day. There is obviously a lot of preparation that goes into such a memorable occasion. From food to music to that dress, you want to make sure that  all of your planning comes together so you can enjoy the good-times with your family and friends. To help you out, we are sharing some amazing wedding day activities that are sure to make your wedding day special.

1. Have a DJ: Weddings are all about having fun. Hire a local DJ and work with them to create a mix that is fun, special, and personal.

2.Hire a Photo Booth Company: You not only want to remember how you and your hubby-to-be look, you will want to remember this time when all of your family and friends came together. Hire a photo booth company and make sure they have silly props like hats, boas, sunglasses, and more to complete the experience.

3. Have Games Ready for Kids: If you have kids at your wedding, make sure you are prepared with games, crayons, stickers, and small toys to keep them engaged.

4. Give out Party Favors: Keep your wedding light and fun and give out favors like silly string, masks, and even noisemakers that are sure to get the party going.

5. Make a Candy Bar: Celebrate with even more sugar at your wedding and have a festive candy station. Ask your guests what their favorite candies are and offer them via bulk and your wedding where they can mix and match some of their favorites.

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