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Organizational Tips for Parents

02 Feb

With the start of the New Year, many parents made resolutions to get organized. However, with school back in session, it becomes progressively more difficult to remain focused. We are excited to share some tips from InchBug, a company that creates innovative products for kids, provides five tips for keeping kids organized throughout 2016.



  1.  Make cleaning fun- Children love to play games, so why not make cleaning a game? Parents can come up with all sorts of games to play, but InchBug’s® founders’ favorite is “Mission Impossible.” Create a mission, such as picking up toys. Set a timer, and tell the children that their mission is put all of the toys back in the right place before the timer “explodes.” Making cleaning a game speeds up the process and is fun for all. Feldman recommends the 3 Sprouts Toy Chest, which is the perfect organizational tool for any room. Made of polyester, felt and chipboard, the lightweight toy chest stands at attention even when empty and the lid keeps all toys out of sight. InchBug® offers 3 Sprouts items on its website. 
  1. Pack the night before- Mornings can be a bit hectic, so to make things go more smoothly, pack everything the night before. Have your children pick out what they’re going to wear and pack their backpacks prior to getting ready for bed. While they’re doing that, parents can prepare lunches and snacks. One of Feldman’s go-to lunches is turkey and cheese sandwiches with yogurt, carrots and cucumbers. Feldman loves packing her kids’ lunches in the Lunch-To-Go Cube, which is offered on the InchBug® website. With multiple compartments built in to one and a divider that separates the top and bottom to keep food from touching, the Lunch-To-Go Cube is perfect for daycare, school and other one-the-got outings. It’s a great way to pack lunch and conserve space.

  2. Adhere to Schedules- Plan ahead at the beginning of each week and stick to that schedule to make evenings less rushed. For instance, if 8pm is the designated bedtime, make sure your children are in bed at that time. Having a set bedtime allows parents time to unwind and have alone time with each other.

  3. Label everything- The only way to absolutely prevent product mix-ups between the kids is to label them. InchBug® has a multitude of affordable, fun, colorful ways to label children’s belongings. Orbit Labels® and Adhesive Labels are both microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Orbit Labels® are non-adhesive, reusable, stretch-and- release bands that fit snugly around a variety of bottles and sippy cups. Inchbug® Adhesive Labels are printed with a choice of colors, child-like images and personalized with the child’s name. Many parents have found that labeling items will make children more responsible for them. For instance, if a cup is left out, the parent will know which child left it out because of the label.

  4. Set a good example- More often than not, if parents aren’t organized, their kids won’t be either. If parents set a good example by keeping things neat and organized in their own life, then their children will do so as well.

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