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Favorite Design Prints for the Home Featured

12 Jan

We love spending time at home. But sometimes, you may find that you are starring at the same old picture or wall paper and really want to upgrade your surrounding. The cool thing about home decor is that you can enhance your home without spending a ton of money. One way that we like to do that is by adding new prints to the home. Here are a few of our favorites that we know you will love, too.


1. This quote poster that says "Be happy, it drives people crazy" is sure to make your guests laugh anytime that they come over. We are also sure that it will get a chuckle from you as you soak in its meaning. Find it at

2. Showcase your love of travel and all of the places you have been (or want to go to) with this fun Vintage Paris poster. Find it at

3. Design Darling has so many fun and whimsical prints that can enhance your home. Our favorite is the cool modern Frida Kahlo print that is inviting and unique. Find it at

4. Another Design Darling favorite is custom cut paper silhouette where you can showcase your loved ones likeness. Find it at

5. Another simple and meaningful print that we love is the Have Courage, Be Kind one from Leslie Martin Design Studio. Find it at

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