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Summer Makeup Tips Featured

14 Jun

As we dive into the hot summer months, are you finding your makeup routine is sub-par? Beauty blogger/author Erika Katz ( says that when the temperature rises, beauty habits should be modified to beat the heat.

Here are Erika’s quick tips for how to wear makeup in the summer (without melting):

  • Foundation: Replace your heavy foundation with a light-tinted moisturizer. If you insist on keeping your foundation, try one that is water-based instead of oil-based so it does not melt under the summer sun.
  • Eye Makeup: If you can't go out without your eyeliner, try a liquid eyeliner or dip a wet slanted brush into powder eye shadow and use that as your eyeliner.
  • Mascara: To avoid running mascara, use a blow dryer to warm an eyelash curler for five seconds. Curl your lashes. Then brush them with clear mascara. This is a great natural look for the beach and will look perfect the whole day.
  • Cheeks: While I love peach and pink blush, sometimes I use a powder bronzer on my cheeks, chin, tip of my nose, and forehead to give that sunkissed look.
  • Lips: I don't like how lipsticks tend to crust on my lips or smudge when it gets hot. Instead, try a lip tint with a sheer gloss to really make your lips look shiny and beautiful.

A beauty writer as well as a former child model and actress, Erika Katz has been a beauty junkie nearly all her life.  Using her experience from her days working in the beauty department at Seventeen as well as cosmetology and esthetician experience garnered through her extensive work in television and modeling, Erika created a beauty guide that served as the foundation for her book, Bonding Over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust.  From product and styling tips, such as how to create the perfect ponytail for your tween, to at home recipes for creating an organic facial scrub, Bonding over Beauty focuses on encouraging and strengthening the mother-daughter relationship through simple, fun and intimate activities.  Katz also helps mothers navigate sensitive topics that often arise with tween girls, from dealing with self esteem issues, to unwanted body hair, to menstruation and everything in between. As the mother of a tween girl, she now writes a popular beauty blog (Bonding Over Beauty) tackling the drama of the tween years.  Erika has been featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine,,, Girl’s Life Magazine and has made appearances on the Today Show, Fox News Live, The Doctors and PIX 11 Morning News.

The following is a link to her sizzle reel:  You can find her on Facebook a and on Twitter at @BondOverBeauty

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