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Revive Those Eyes!! Amazing Anti-Aging Eye Treatments from Cailyn Cosmetics Featured

03 Jul

Leap into the future of skincare with CAILYN Cosmetics' newest eye cream treatment.

CAILYN Cosmetics, the brand known for creating natural, 100% mineral beauty products, has a few new treats for protecting and pampering the most important part of the face. The Mira-Dew and Vibri-Onyx system targets the areas around the eyes where age lines and stress congregate to bring faces down. This special moisturizer and innovative mode of application helps combat dehydration and refresh skin for a healthier, younger look. 


Mira-Dew is a rich eye cream that goes on smooth to help diminish wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and even crow's feet. It's formula makes it light enough to wear under makeup while still causing eyes to appear brighter. The active ingredient of Epidermal Growth Factor is a Nobel Prize award subject thanks to its chain of 53 amino acids that help to stimulate cell turnover for fresher looking skin. Combined with a clinically proven anti-aging ingredient, anti-inflammation and anti-irritation properties, and soothing shea butter, this moisturizer wows on contact.

When paired with the Vibri-Onyx portable auto vibration massager, Mira-Dew penetrates deeper, effectively lifting delicate eye areas and reliving puffiness. The massager, which uses iontheraphy and  microvibration technology,also helps prevent the waste of the Mira-Dew moisturizer as it works smaller amounts of product deeper into the skin. For anyone who is a little behind on the introduction of technology to their every day beauty regimen, the Vibri-Onyx is easy to use. Simply touch the lightweight wand to the skin and it automatically detects when to turn on and get down to business.

By using Mira-Dew with the Vibra-Onyx machine, customers noticed improvement in their skin's elasticity after only two weeks, and were excited to see fine lines and puffiness visibly reduced after four weeks. With just 30 seconds of use around each eye, this dynamic duo reduces sun damage and nourishes skin for the long haul.

CAILYN cosmetics is the leading cosmetic retailer and wholesaler of innovative all natural, mineral based makeup that wearers can feel confident in. Their product lines are micro-formulated with superior minerals and botanicals instead of the synthetics or fillers found in many brands. The brand was launched over ten years ago by Smile World Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of high grade mineral cosmetics for private labeling companies, as well as skin care products for doctors, spas, salons, and big brand cosmetic companies.

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