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25 Jul

The summer heat can wreck havoc on your hands. To treat dry and cracked skin, we have been loving Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream and Lil Pucker’s Lip Cream that can heals and revitalizes most cracked skin within days. 

24 Jul

Parlux fragrances recently launched two new fragrances – Jessica Simpson’s Vintage Bloom and Paris Hilton’s Dazzle. Perfect for summer, they both contain mild florals and a bold scent that delivers a feminine and crisp scent.

23 Jul
The arrival of a baby is something that is truly cherished forever. Baby Essentials ( brings you gifts for babies every eco-conscious parent would love. Made with the finest 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, Baby Essentials apparel  has the luxury  and comfort fit for even the most sensitive babies. Whether you want to wrap them up in their Mulmul blanket, or put them off to bed in their cotton baby night suit, you will always love the soothing effect Baby Essentials has on your little angel.
17 Jul

With so many fun brands out there, we rounded up our favorite beauty essentials and accessories for effortless looks this summer. Here are some of our favorites for this week:

14 Jul

The Nexxus Endless Style Digital App is the latest innovation in beauty and digital media. Nexxus has developed this interactive app in order to open a two-way dialogue with its consumer on achieving endless style - with gorgeous, captivating hair, a fabulous wardrobe, a successful career and healthy, happy lifestyle - every day.

07 Jul

We are loving the new floral lines from Thymes, including an amazing Lavender collection as well as the Kimono Rose. Check out the details below and make sure you have a sweet smelling summer.

03 Jul

Leap into the future of skincare with CAILYN Cosmetics' newest eye cream treatment.

CAILYN Cosmetics, the brand known for creating natural, 100% mineral beauty products, has a few new treats for protecting and pampering the most important part of the face. The Mira-Dew and Vibri-Onyx system targets the areas around the eyes where age lines and stress congregate to bring faces down. This special moisturizer and innovative mode of application helps combat dehydration and refresh skin for a healthier, younger look. 

29 Jun

Have you heard of the new dry shampoo crave? GKhair offers a new Dry Shampoo that comes in aerosol form which instantly refreshes styles while gently cleansing scalp without the use of traditional shampoos. This products is perfect for women on-the-go whether it’s after the gym, chasing the kids or in between shampoos.

14 Jun

As we dive into the hot summer months, are you finding your makeup routine is sub-par? Beauty blogger/author Erika Katz ( says that when the temperature rises, beauty habits should be modified to beat the heat.

13 Jun

At, we are all about finding the best beauty projects and recently discovered a host of fun and functional items for summer. Here are some of our favorite pieces.

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