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Noodle & Boo: Luxurious Skincare for Littles Featured

23 Dec

Kids have quiet a variety of skincare products at their (or, really their parents) disposal. I mean, luxurious skincare for kids – how amazing is that? One of the premier kids and baby brands is Noodle & Boo, and boy do they have some incredible varieties to keep your baby’s skin extra soft. They are adored by celebs and have rave reviews from users. We recently put some of their line to the test. Here is what we found:


  1. Conditioning Hair Polish: This fancy leave-in conditioner for kids was designed to tame curls, frizz, and even bed head. Tangles are beyond annoying and have lead to many tears so I was excited how effectively this polish worked as it smoothed the wild strands. It is also said to protect the hair against environmental stress, but the verdict is still out on whether that claim is valid (or can really be proven).
  2. Extra Gentle Shampoo: Kids have delicate hair (and scalps), so I am loving this mild and low-suds formula. It holds onto to moisture in their precious scalps and is even gentle for sensitive skin types.
  3. Bouncing Baby Bubbles: What kid doesn’t love a bubble bath? So many bubble bath’s are packed with scents that can irritate a kids’ skin. This formula is gentle (seems to be a Noodle and Boo theme) and contains moisturizers to leave the skin super soft.

Overall, we are loving this gentle (and, yes luxurious line). The price tag is a more than your drugstore brands (around $16 for a 16oz bottle) but we have found that the line lives up to its claims and has gentler options for sensitive skin.

Have you ever tried Noodle & Boo? What do you think?

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