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Nexxus Endless Style Featured

14 Jul

The Nexxus Endless Style Digital App is the latest innovation in beauty and digital media. Nexxus has developed this interactive app in order to open a two-way dialogue with its consumer on achieving endless style - with gorgeous, captivating hair, a fabulous wardrobe, a successful career and healthy, happy lifestyle - every day.

To that end Nexxus has brought in a team of top industry insiders to provide content while at the same time inviting readers to share their tips, tricks and thoughts alongside the pros' articles to enhance and shape the content of the magazine! So, how does it work? Readers download the app at and browse articles curated by Editor-in-Chief and beauty/health/lifestyle veteran Valerie Latona.

To add content, readers just click the "Submit Article" button located at the top of the page and supply their own text and photos.

Those who aren't bitten by the writer's bug can contribute via comments, sharing on social media, pinning images/articles, etc. The stellar pros behind the articles include:

HAIR - Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus Creative Director and celebrity hairstylist known for pioneering many an iconic look from the runway to the red carpet to the pages of leading style publications.

LIFESTYLE - Melissa Meyers, Lifestyle Expert and founder of PageDaily, a solid source on the latest trends in fashion, beauty and style.

CAREER - Jodi Glickman, Career Expert and author of "Great on the Job." An adviser to young professionals, Jodi provides essential advice on both landing a job and succeeding in it

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