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New Years Eve Makeup Ideas Featured

29 Dec

Are you ready to sparkle in 2016? Well, we have to celebrate in 2015 first so to get you ready we uncovered some of our favorite looks for your nails, hair, and face. Here are a few of our favorites:


1. For the eyes, we are swooning over the Eyes are the Window of the Soul palette from Stila. This includes 12 gorgeous colors that will make your eyes 'pop' on New Years Eve. Find it at

2. For the lips, we love the Sheer Revolution colors from Urban Decay. This includes so many fun shades, including our favorite Sheer Ladyflower that will be perfect for New Years and throughout 2016.  Find it at

3. For cheeks that shimmer, you have got to check out Cheek Pop at Clinique. Find it at

4. For the lashes, we love the Outstretched Mascara from Flower Beauty. This includes an incredible 3-Way brush that will intensify your lashes. Find it at

5. For your nails, we recommend something a little different with the retro revival collection from Essie. In particular, we are in love with fringe factor that showcases an awesome mix of glitz and glamour. Find it at

6. For the hair, we suggest trying something new like these really fun ideas over on buzzfeed. Check out more styles here

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