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New Fragrances from Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton Featured

24 Jul

Parlux fragrances recently launched two new fragrances – Jessica Simpson’s Vintage Bloom and Paris Hilton’s Dazzle. Perfect for summer, they both contain mild florals and a bold scent that delivers a feminine and crisp scent.


Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

Crisp vibrant citrus notes of Calabrese lemon and Caipirinha lime zest open Vintage Bloom with a zing. Slowly, the soft femininity of raspberry bloom, a breezy, light fresh floral accord and a burst of stardust peony evolve to embrace Jessica's dreamy romantic nature. Bright, youthful notes are tempered as the fragrance blossoms into warm sensuality, inviting notes of crisp cotton musk and Indian sandalwood to charm and delightfully entice. Price: $65, Available at


Paris Hilton Dazzle

Pink lady apple, sweet and tart, opens this effervescent fragrance, then bright, juicy notes of maraschino cherry and peach nectar follow, deliciously teasing, toying with the idea of translating the color pink into scent. A luminous heart, glistening with wonderfully bright, vivacious violet petals, shimmering with the hypnotic hidden allure of pink calypso orchid and dizzying with the sunlit shine of orange blossoms. Frothy like the bubbles from pink champagne, whipped vanilla, light as air, surrounds sensuous white patchouli as crystallized musk spins it all together. Price: $59, Available at

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