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13 Jan

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? We can relate! One thing that we love to do to de-stress is to start or end the day with a gentle massage and meditation. We love natural oils and creams that connect us to our bodies as we zone out some of the craziness. Here are a few of our favorites that we hope will help you, too.


1. Thesis Body Oil: This pure and natural oil works as an incredible moisturizer to sooth rough and dry skin. They recommend it for mothers-to-be and since it has no chemicals, it is also great for sensitive skin. Find it at

2. Violet Grey Beauty Oil: This the ultimate oil that is amazing for the hair and body. Made with lemongrass, tiare and yucca oil, it works to soothe, treat, and leave the skin radiant. Find it at

3. L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil: Treat yourself everyday as you enjoy this luxurious oil. Packed with almond oil, this is excellent on sensitive skin as it cleans and refreshes the body. Find it at

4. Osmia Night Body Oil: For an incredible way to wind down at night, we suggest that you try Osmia Body Oil. It is packed with organic essential oils of lavender and roman chamomile, plus a beautiful and wild atlas cedar oil that is sure to help you feel revived and relaxed. Find it at

5. Honest Organic Body Oil: For an affordable option, we love the Honest Body Oil that is light, natural and doesn't contain any yucky chemicals. Find it at

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