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Home Treatment Options for Dry Winter Hands Featured

27 Jan

The winter time is not only know for the cold and miserable weather. It is also renowned for wrecking havoc on the skin and hands. To find some relief we have been enjoying some home treatments that have been making our hands a lot less dry and cracked. Here are some tips so that you can do this for yourself in the comfort of your home.

1. Wash your hands: To start off, wash your hands in warm and soapy water. This gets out the grim and gives your hands some much-needed moisture. We also like the One-Minute Hand Scrub from L' Occitane as an option to exfoliate the skin. You can find it at

2. Dry your hands: Make sure that after you wash them, you dry them throughly.

3. Treatment: Treat your hands by using a serious hand cream. We love The Hand Treatment by La Mer that works quickly to improve the texture and tone of your hands. Find it at

4. Add Oils: Add some extra moisture to your hands by using an oil. We love natural oils like the Body Oil from S.W.Basics that is designed to lock in moisture as it treats the skin. Find it at

5. Layer up: In the winter, your hands are robbed of moisture. Make sure to slather on a strong cream everyday that will seal in any cracks as it treats the effects of the harsh weather. For some relief, we love the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve from Kiehl's that you can find here

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