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Beauty Trends: Checking out the Conair Quick Twist Featured

15 Dec

 We just discovered the coolest new product to give your kids' hair a fun new look in seconds. Yes, seconds with the Conair Quick Twist, a simple system that creates twists and braids. Designed for all hair types, this battery-powered device is perfect for young girls, and even as a way to update your hair to get a fun new look in seconds.


Here's how it works:

Take a 2-inch section of hair and divide it in half – use less hair if you would like a tighter twisty braid

Comb through hair strand to remove any tangles or flyaways.

Push the button to raise the hair clasp. Insert end of hair strand under and release button. Repeat on the other side.

Pull hair taut so that you get the right kind of twist going. Slide the purple “on” button up for a few seconds and watch as Quick TwistTM creates beautiful twists. Make sure they twist all the way up!

In the direction of arrow, hand rotate the top so your 2 twists are joined. You can make the braid loose or tight – it’s up to you!

Once braided, remove ends from hair clasps and secure with mini Scunci® anti-slip elastic or hair clip that come with your Quick TwistTM styler

There are also accessory packs sold separately to enhance your look!

The Quick Twist is available beginning in at mass retailers for $19.99.

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