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05 Sep

There are so many beauty products on the market that it can hard to telll just what works. Here are some of favorite beauty essentials for fall including organic skincare items and those that will keep your skin and hands hydrated, smooth and ready for winter.


Bubalina Lotion:

The Surf! Dry Skin! Have Bubalina lotion ready to soothe away the effects of summer fun. Bubalina lotion has Organic Aloe Vera, long known to heal and soothe skin. Other ingredients like Organic Wildcrafted Shea Butter, Borage Oil, Vitamins B5, A and E, Chamomile, Tamanu Oil, etc. all work together in the most exquisite synergistic lotion...and your skin reaps the benefits! Bubalina's Travel Sampler Set includes 5 beautiful lotions, all in travel sizes, perfect for vacation packing. Included: Acai Berry, Citron Rose, Coco Lime Verbena, Tropical Lime and Grapefruit (our anti-cellulite lotion). Bubalina merges the technology of the laboratory - organic formulas, environmentally beneficial packaging and wonderful effects on the skin - to the continuing desire of women to have products that appeal to their femininity. Each fragrance is represented by an original hand-painted Bubalina Girl who radiates her essence. Bubalina merges fun and quality - the perfect gift for anyone. Price: $28.00. Visit

Revitalizing Spa Socks and Gloves:

VH Apparel is dedicated to creating wallet-friendly alternatives for the luxuries in life. With the majority of the population tightening expenses around the house, the pleasures of the spa seem to be out of reach. VH Apparel created a way for those that love the spa to take it home with them without breaking the bank. Their line of infused socks and gloves gives everyone the opportunity to have that spa experience with them anywhere. From comfy slipper socks to gel heel socks your feet now have a change to relax. Price: $9.99 Visit

Organic Skincare:

The leader in all natural and organic skin care for girls Emerging research suggests girls may be particularly sensitive to even trace leves of hormone-disrupting chemicals due to the complex changes hapening in their bodies during puberty. Armed with this knowledge, Good For You Girls founders developed a skin care line that not only helps moms teach their daughters healthy skin care habits it keeps them away from harmful chemicals. Products are made with the finest all natural and organic ingredients and specifically developed for the special needs of younger skin. Deep cleansing and bacteria fighting botanicals are balanced with organic extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants that pamper and protect. All products are free from parabens, sulfates, propolyne glycol, phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrance and dyes. Keeping girls away from chemicals is just the beginning, Good For You Girls is a great way to show your daugher how special she is and teach her the skills to make better decisions for a lifetime. Price: $19.99 Visit

Bathe In Decadence:

Rinse Bath & Body is known for creating high-quality treats that delight the skin and satisfy cravings for the unique. From soap and lip balms, to lotions and facial products, they have an assortment of wholesome products that will let his and her senses soar. Instead of shelling out hard earned money for another box of chocolates, or a pair of cufflinks, invest in a gift that will bring lasting pleasure. Rinse's Chocolate-scented Skin Sticks, Pucker Sticks, and handmade soaps are the perfect way to get that special someone to indulge their skin for months to come. Give that special someone a handmade treat that both cleans and makes their mouth water. Rinse Bath & Body's soaps are made from 98-100% natural ingredients that have been harvested for their nourishing qualities. Their proprietary blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and oils lays the groundwork for delicious fragrances including Fresh Fig, Vanilla, and Almond Honey. Price: $8.00

Hydrate your lips:

Dr. Hess’s Udder Ointment introduces THREE new flavors to their Udder Sticks line. Enjoy the tangy flavor of their Pomegranate, or be wisked away to an island with the tropical scent of Mango. And indulge in the sweet and soothing Vanilla Mint on your lips. These Dr. Hess Udder Sticks work wonders on chapped and cracking lips. Based on the original recipe, the chapstick includes SPF 15 for fun in the sun to protect against those harmful rays, leaving lips looking healthy and plump. So, say "Goodbye" to chapped lips and "Hello" to Udder Sticks!!! Around for over a hundred years, it is no wonder with its therapeutic recipe and positive results that Dr. Hess’s Udder Ointment is just ‘udderly’ amazing. Udder Ointment got its start in 1893 when Dr. Gilbert Hess and business man J.L. Clark teamed up to market their product. FOUR FLAVORS NOW AVAILABLE including the Original Vanilla, Mango, Pomegranate and Vanilla Mint! Choose one of each, four of a kind or design your own pack!

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